Nov 24

Kids Bedroom issue Resolved with Spotlight

I have to kids and they tend to have different choices when it comes to their choice of clothes, food and activities. Its likes I am staying with a rally of two different monsters. Nothing seemed to be problematic till now, but I guess now that we have to decide the bedding of their room we might have issues because they all will demand something different from each other. My first preference to go to for help with Spotlight Promo code.

Spotlight has this amazing range of beds and I always loved their sense of design and their bed collection especially for kids but to get one bed for two different personality kids was going to be a difficult task.

I went ahead and on the dinner table asked what all of them wanted they all told me their versions of the bed they wanted. We always took their decision in minds because they were the ones who would have to stay in that room and I wanted them to love their room the most. So I went online with their ideas and I was already mentally ready to get nothing out of it. To my amazement they had two choices matching exactly to the ones which my 8 year old and my 10 year old depicted.


I instantly went and bought their bunk bed and made some major changes in the mattress choice as we wanted a mattress that would not hinder with their spinal growth and be super comfortable as well. As soon as I bought the beds I got a huge Spotlight discount code with this I finalized my choice of mattresses for the kids.

The kids had wanted single beds so I had already bought single beds and saw that there was discount on the single beds. I couldn’t resist the offer as everything was of high quality and up to my expectation.

The kid’s beds shopping and the mattresses selected were supposed to be shipped to me in a week and I was anticipating the order to be perfect. I prayed my kids would love what I had selected of them and would match up to their bed standards. With the extra Spotlight promo code I bought their favorite characters bed sheet from Spotlight. When the orders arrived they matched with what my kids wanted and made their day a happy day.

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